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Who we are and what we believe in

We at Vastuki Studios are a young design and build/turnkey practice based out of Gurgaon, Delhi NCR providing bespoke interior design solutions for your residence and commercial space.

Launched in 2021, with a design and build team that combines over 10 years of work experience, we strive to offer design solutions that are mindfully crafted and tailor made keeping your design sensibilities and aesthetics in mind, and executed as per stringent quality standards and within timelines and budget frameworks (No hidden costs here!)

In a fairly unorganised sector, we understand the challenges that working with an in experienced set of un professionals may bring and the time and budget over runs associated with it, and hence at Vastuki Studios, we ensure to streamline the process for you with complete transparency and with our trusted network of repeat and experienced vendors as well as an in-house repository of  architects and interior designers.

Our tailor made design consultancy, turnkey execution as well as project management services, for your residential or commercial interiors, we ensure a one stop shop for end to end interior design services as we strive to push the envelope with new age material and design solutions, and employing transparent execution practices.

Start with our free consultation to know more about who we are and how we work.

Services | सेवाएं

What we offer


Design Consultancy

Our design consultancy services start with a free design and cost proposal where we capture your requirements in depth over a preliminary…


Turnkey Services

Our turnkey services are the second step to our design consultancy and cover end to end execution services including modular, on-site carpentry, civil as well as..


Project Management Consultancy

Project Management Consultancy is the third set of services that we provide and includes the effective translation of design onto the built on site..

Process | विधि

How we go about designing and executing your interiors


Preliminary Requirement Gathering

  • In-person/virtual discussion capturing your detailed requirements, often on site and over a layout
  • Captured within 24 hours



Design and Cost Proposal

  • Proposed furniture layout and Concept Design reflecting your requirements 
  • Tentative Estimate/BOQ capturing and indicating your tentative budget
  • Operational Schedule indicating the timelines for all activities week-wise
  • Approximate turn around time of 72hours 


Design Development

  • Includes furniture layouts, 3DS, renders, construction and technical  drawings and a sign off on material specification, mood boards & finishes as per finalised design
  • Detailed Estimate 
  • Turn around time of 30-45 days


Project Execution

  • Detailed Estimate/BOQ including specifications, make list and market/negotiated rates
  • Operational timeline including scope, budget and execution timelines
  • Work Schedule including daily progress report, key milestones, etc.
  • Allotment of dedicated Project Manager and site engineer and finalisation of set of vendors
  • Targeted execution within 90-120 days


Handover & Post Handover Support

  • Financial Closure
  • Physical Closure of the Project including Room Wise Handover wrt scope of the project
  • 30 Day maintenance and support after handover

Portfolio | पेटिका

Projects our designers and project managers have collaborated upon so far

Commercial Head Office for Everest Industries Limited, Noida

The office design is a mix of solid, clean geometry that ergonomically holds its spaces together and blends in fluid, craftsy spatial interiors to effortlessly break away from the image of how the Head Office of a building material company may be perceived. 

Hand painted by rural artisans from MP. Pradesh to depict a vivid river, that conveys the journey of the company through its key milestones and developments, the art work is further brought to life through the company’s patent- laser printed fibre cement boards and vivid vinyl stickers designs.   

The raw and stained company boards host some prominent sayings while also demarcating and defining space for each of the four verticals of the company and creating one fluid break out area for its over 300 employees, stationed there. 

Ergonomically designed furniture and workstations, POP art that depicts the brands mascot, bright staircase installations, graffiti as part of the basement design, a curated photo feature wall hosting camera clicks by of its employees, brightly lit, functional and contemporary workstations, infuse life into the company office for this materials and construction giant. 

Residence at Jaipur Estate, Nizamuddin, Delhi

The scope for the turnkey interiors- design and execution- of this 1850 sq. ft residence at Jaipur Estate at Nizamuddin in New Delhi included the design and modular installation of its customised wardrobes and kitchens, soft furnishing, lose furniture, lighting and ceiling, flooring, electrical and plumbing works as well as a large terrace garden. 

The design brief revolved around interiors that were minimal, modern and reflected  honest use of materials, with execution across stringent timelines, budgets and quality checks.

With the designers, putting into action, the philosophy of ‘less is more’ and finding God in detail, all aspects of the residence have been carefully designed/executed and curated. to reflect the above ideologies. 

All selections have also been painstakingly done to further the minimalistic theme while creating a peaceful haven with its timeless interiors in a bustling city.

Residence at Puri Diplomatic Greens, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon

This 2200 sft voguish 4BHK residence for its family of four is designed and executed at Puri Diplomatic Greens to achieve chic and opulent interiors with its choice of material palette and high-end finishes. 

Carefully selected high gloss acrylic and lacquered glass are used as shutter finishes across walk-in wardrobes, full length crockery, mandir, TV units as well as the modular kitchen in the house. 

With a special focus to increase lighting throughout, this 3000 sq ft archetypal home located at Puri Diplomatic Greens, Dwarka has a play of ceiling, diffused, profile and cove lighting that has been introduced as part of the false ceiling while also having spaces that maximises the utlisation of the area.

Commercial Office for SVM, Noida

For the design and execution of this 5200 sq ft commercial office of this garment manufacturing and export giant based out of the Industrial sector of Noida, a clean  and minimalistic design has been opted.

Colour however has been introduced across aisles, in the cafeteria, as part of the column designs and ceiling colour to accentuate the otherwise muted design palette.

The intricate grid ceiling and adjoining full length mustard coloured wall, forms part of the highlight of this office space  that combines track lighting, open workstations, full length glass cabins with  wooden pelmets and carpet tiles, storage with in built planters, creating a unique effect and making for a refreshing office space that breaks through the clutter.

Residence at Ireo Victory Valley, Gurgaon

The interiors for this high-end 3,700 sq ft plush residence at Ireo Victory Valley in Sector 63 in Gurgaon, have been meticulously designed and executed with attention to detail from our team. 

The design brief was to create spaces that are individualistic to the users with a distinct identity and yet to weave them with a common design language that ties the spaces together. 

The scope included the complete design of the space including kitchens, wardrobes, modular units, lose furniture as well as their end to end execution. 

Intricate use of jaalis in the false ceiling, as partitions and as CNC cut shutters for the mandir; soft edges for the false ceiling and recessed feature walls, are all design elements that are brought to life here. 

Further, the execution has been completed with translating the initial design ideology with carefully curated wall art pieces, lights, mirrors as well as soft furniture- all a part of the scope of works.


Residence at Ireo Victory Valley, Gurgaon

Luxury is the key word for the interiors executed for this upscale residence in Gurgaon. 

Abundant use of Onyx and marble as open shelves in the crockery, console and TV units and intermittently in the false ceiling along with wooden panelling and drapes create a monochromatic appeal that strengthens the design language further.










Residence at Mahagun Mezzaria, Noida

The interiors for this 2200 sq. ft apartment at Mahagun Mezzaria, have been personalized to meet the individual requirements of its residents and keep it focal to the design ideology.



The entrance foyer welcomes one with warm downlights, interspersed use of panelling in the ceiling, wooden trims and double way lights, that highlight and define the the space. This is further accentuated by the inverted cove on the dining table and the finishes of its crockery, console units, study and storage that are designed keeping the requirements and overall colour palette of the residence.


Quilting in the daughters room for instance- in the bed and tv unit, fabric finished wardrobes are examples where the space has been individualised as per its users.

The highlight of this apartment however is the double height space- a trademark at Mezzaria finished with mural artwork and converted into a mezzanine floor that is approached with floating steps, that provide for both increased seating as well as make for an interesting play of spaces.

Residence at Tarika Apartments, Gurgaon

The scope for this 2000 sft residence for a young, working couple based out of Gurgaon, included complete renovation including first dismantling, design and thereafter execution. 

The design was conceptualised keeping functionality and space utilisation at the core along with uplifting the overall aesthetic of the residence- with the introduction of colour in the wallpapers, tile selection, finishes etc as per the client preference. 

The design details for kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, storage etc all reflect the meticulous use of space which had lighting as one of its key components.

The  scope for execution was complete with electrical, plumbing, flooring, false ceiling, modular and carpentry works.  Execution included carefully translating the vision and achieving the same with material selections and finalising textures as well as finishes.

Residence at Dlf Qutub Enclave, Gurgaon

For Mr. Amitava Mehra and on behalf of Studio Juggernaut Associates

For this 420 square meter residence located in the posh and upscale DLF Phase 4 in Gurgaon, the scope of services included project management consultancy on behalf of its principal architects and towards the client. 

Daily supervision as per the design/drawings, vendor alignment, coordination and management, verification of bills and quantities, quality checks as well as documentation including issuing work and purchase orders, are some of the key responsibilities undertaken to ensure that the project is handed over in a stringent timeline of 180 days, meeting utmost quality control standards across varied interdisciplinary vendor activities in this fairly greenfield project.  

The scope includes both new construction, renovation, landscape well as providing interiors for this family of four.

Residence at Vatika Apartments, Mayapuri, New Delhi

An apartment that’s opulent yet classy and designed as well as executed in subtle white and grey palettes with hues of blue. With contemporary interiors and a modern yet minimalistic décor, our team put together this 1150 sq. ft. residence in Mayapuri, keeping the client brief central to the design ethos.

We worked on the false ceiling to solve the problem of none to minimal natural light in the interiors and our work extended to designing modular kitchens, wardrobes as well as a functional yet aesthetic walk-in closet.

Residence at BPTP Freedom Life Park, Gurgaon

The design and execution for this 1600 sft residence for a young, expecting couple in the heart of Gurgaon, has been done keeping the requirements in mind- a simple, clean design that maximises space, light and functionality.

Geometry has been taken care of as softness has been introduced through false ceiling, contrasting with the straight lines of pelmets for ACs and hiding curtain tracks in the rooms.

A palette of pastel shades- mauve, ash grey, mint etc have been introduced as laminate finishes in wardrobes and kitchens, keeping the overall vibe of the house cool, airy and breezy. Structural changes include an open kitchen and a breakfast counter and avoiding partitions to help maximise the space. Colour blocking, texture paint, POP mouldings, grooving on wall punning are part of some feature wall treatments that have been opted for under a defined budget.

Special care has been taken with respect to choosing the tiles for the kitchen including the dado area and washrooms as part of highlighter walls to help further the design narrative.

Residence at Panchsheel Wellington, Ghaziabad

The redesign of this home included (re) planning the existing spatial use and a strong focus on redefining the existing decor.

Our design bends towards classical English themes which have been achieved with the refurbishment of doors including PU treatment and paneling, changing the base paint towards mauve and lavender as well as using feature walls with textured paints and wallpapers.

The 1700 sq. ft, 3BHK apartment is currently being renovated with transposed furnishing prepending wall clocks, soft furnishings including drapes and cushion covers, on-site carpentry works, a custom-made marble mandir as well as metal artifacts and ornamentation to uplift the experience of its residents.

Residence at Microtek Greenburg, Gurgaon

The design for this 2000 square feet at Microtek Greenburg for a retired defence personnel was centered around getting the details right. With the brief of ensuring minimum maintenance and utilising every inch of the space, the residence has been meticulously designed to optimise storage in all rooms and including the laundry, kitchen, aisles,  etc. 

Full length wardrobes, kitchen and storage units further minimise the open surface area in the house, aiding in easy cleanliness and maintenance of them, as does a false ceiling design that has no coves and drops, wherever it has been introduced. 

The full length however has been softened with introducing curves as part of the shutter designs, as coves behind bed back walls and mirrors that mimic existing windows and conditions on site. Pastels have been carefully introduced in wallpapers, subway, wall highlighters and dado tiles, consoles, corridors and even in the ceiling designs at places to introduce colour in the house

Residence at Greenwood Society, Gurgaon

For this 2000 sft residence at The GreenWood Society in Gurgaon, Vastukistudios has delivered comprehensive design consultancy- including material selections and final finishes as well as end to end interiors turnkey execution within a timeline of 4 months.

The couple with children in their late teens,  were looking to move in over a scope of work which included civil (except false ceiling and flooring in parts), wardrobe refurbishment, kitchen re-design, lose furniture- both refurbishment as well as new items and part wall treatment.

Vastu is focal point of the house as was letting in enough light and retaining the original light and brightness in the home. The client wanted to steer away from the use of any dark colours and was cooperative our choice of pastels when it came to laminate finishes, upholstery as well as tile selections.

Currently, we are designing the house in two phases, where phase 1 takes care of remodelling in the washrooms as well as refurbishment of wardrobes, kitchen re-design and execution= that are all achieved on site .

Civil work including electrical, change of flooring, plumbing fitting and fixtures, lose furniture, including beds and remodelling of the sofa, dining have currently also been taken in this phase. 

Phase 2 of the project will focus on wall and ceiling panelling and introduction of false ceiling as necessary to ensure ample lights and do away with light fixtures that aren’t needed

.Light fixtures including concealed and drop lights, additional wardrobes and storages, OG designs for entrance wall, sofa and dining bench as well as elaborate wall treatments, will also be take in phase 2!

Blogs | ब्लॉग

Stories we believe in

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Team | टोली

Come, have a cup of coffee with us?

Avneet Lobana


With a Bachelors in Architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture- IPU (2013), and a Post Graduate in Project Management from NICMAR (2021), Avneet has worked in the design and AEC industry for over ten years leading  Design/Operations/Project and Branch Management.

As Co-founder Partner,  she leads design and build operations for Vastuki Studios across residential and commercial interior spaces in Delhi NCR. As Design Partner for Livspace- she also provides design and execution service support to the brand.

Previously as Branch Head for another design and build firm headquartered in Hyderabad, with a branch office in Delhi, she was responsible for establishing its footprint across NCR and leading operations including but not limited to design, project execution, sales, BD, marketing etc. 

She has also worked on the prestigious ‘Redevelopment of Central Vista’ for the Govt of India and on behalf of HCP architects as a Project Manager on the ‘Way Finding and Signage System’- design and execution. She has also been the Project Manager on the design and execution of the spatial interiors for the commercial Head office for Everest Industries- a leading building materials provider in the country, where she has liaised with branding consultants, vendors, contemporary architects and design firms to design and execute the interiors of the office sprawling over 5000 sft.

As part of myriad work experiences In the same domain, she has also established and furthered online presence for numerous design/ architecture/ real estate/construction firms across the country working to provide bespoke, unique, distinctive and tailor made communication, branding, positioning and marketing services for them. She has also led editorial coordination for leading publications including that for Indian Institute for Interior Designers or IIID in the country and the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), working as an architectural journalist and managing editorial operations for them.

She also been part of establishing an online market place for connecting end users to building industry professionals especially architects, where she has led operations to develop the online presence including website/app, UI/UX, monetised the portals, strategised and developed content across marketing collaterals, and led daily operations for the same

With a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Pune University, Ujjwal Thakur, brings over 8 years of work experience in the field of residential and commercial execution to वास्तुकी including Project Management Consultancy and turnkey services. As Project Head, he is the critical thread to enable and empower the seamless transition of the designs on paper onto the built on site. His in-depth knowledge and technical expertise on matters including materials, cost and rate analysis as well as attention to detail wrt supervision and project consultancy, ensure that your designs are in safe hands.

Ujjwal Kant Thakur


Cmde. M.M Singh (Retd.)

Business & Leadership Consulting

Cmde MM Singh retired from the Indian Navy with over 35 years of extensive experience in Operations including Naval Aviation. His past leadership positions have helped him garner expansive managerial experience and run day to day  operations across dynamic situations.

At Vastuki Studios, he aims to bring in cohesion and help guide the team to deliver projects as per stipulated timelines as well as within budgetary constraints. He also helps with identifying and creasing execution challenges that may spring up on-site and providing timely resolution on those. 

Alongside, he also provides critical expertise and experience to manage interdependent teams including t internally as well as with third party vendors.

We’ve successfully collaborated with


Contact | संपर्क

Come, have a cup of coffee with us?


Design Consultancy

Our design consultancy services start with a design and cost proposal where we capture your requirements in depth over a preliminary yet detailed ‘requirement gathering’  that happens either virtually or in-person on site, preferably within 24 hours of hearing from you.

Post it, we align to present and meet with out ‘Design Intent/Look and Feel’ presentation that captures your requirements as well as our inputs including those of the look and feel, vastu, site constraints as well as design aesthetics and sensibilities. 

This, we believe, is the first step of ur Design Consultancy services for residential as well as commercial interior design that we offer, where your inputs and initial selections, pave the way forward for the complete design process that unfolds including material selections and design developments.

Being a relatively young firm, we are proud that our designs borrow and our responsive to not only your budgets but also the context, as well as infuse learnings, better practices and technologies from the present and coming future.

With our team of experienced, skilled and creative architects and interior designers that front end your design requirement, we provide you with carefully curated 3D models, comprehensive layouts, working/service drawings, real-life like renders, cost estimates, detailed mood board of materials, specifications and make lists to help you make an informed decision with us and be onboard our services.


Turnkey Services

Our turnkey services are the second step to our design consultancy and cover end to end execution services including modular, on-site carpentry, civil as well as other miscellaneous works,

Front ended by a dedicated site engineer as well as a Project Manager, we ensure to make execution as seamless for you as possible as we provide you regular site updates including those of manpower, work done and labour, with a daily report, tracking milestones on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that there are no time or budget over runs. 

Our execution services are always in line with the initial estimate as well as the design consultancy services provided, reflecting the make, specifications as well as market rates as quoted in the initial BOQ, to ensure you’re never too far off from the budget specified.

With a fully customised turnkey approach in place, we have an experienced team of in house site engineers and project managers- controlling the complete process- from initial measurements, drawing download on site and subsequent handover and thereafter post handover support.

Our in-depth understanding of the market, material alternatives that are eco=friendly, green, systems, ensure that your journey from the initial discussions drawings thereafter to detailed furniture, finishes and fittings as well as hand over/post handover, is an absolutely smooth one. 


Project Management Consultancy

Project Management Consultancy is the third set of services that we provide and includes the effective translation of design onto the built on site. 

Overseen by our team of skilled supervisors and project managers with in-depth working knowledge of better practices and execution know-how including manpower and material management, we deliver your project as per stringent quality checks, operational timelines, budget and deadlines.

With वास्तुकी, trust your site to be delivered by our team of skilled professionals, that are here to ensure that the project is handed over over from floor plan to final fit out, with due diligence, compliances and as per requirements- ironing and addressing the snags from time to time.