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Hiring your interior designer- tips, check list, costs- here’s what to run through!

Diwali is around the corner and so is the need and requirement to spruce up your home interiors with affordable and budget-friendly interiors. At Vastuki, a relatively young interior fit out company, we offer home design services across Delhi NCR and also share some quick tips on how you must select an interior designer for your home.

1.Find a Professional Interior Designer near you- To save on time and make it an easy, hassle-free experience, it is best to hire a professional for any interior design, consultancy, remodelling or renovation services with you. A professional interior designer can both capture your design requirements as well as share a free layout/proposal and cost estimate before you start work. Other deliverables needed before execution including material and design specifications, floor, furniture plans, design concepts, 3Ds, renders, working drawings etc, also need to be shared in a timely manner. At Vastuki, the turnaround time for this is between 30-45 days.

2. Engage in a Single Point of Contact for both Design and Execution- It’s important to also understand if the professional and budget interior designer hired has the capability for execution. This is critical to ensure that you, the client, doesn’t become the point of contact to translate design on paper into the built on site. It is best to find a firm, which has distinct design and execution capabilities including for refurbishment/remodelling and renovation. We, at Vastuki, provide you with operational timelines including work schedule and budgets as well as a trusted vendor base, to ensure execution within 90-120 days.

3. Understand how to pay your professional interior designer- While there are different ways available including charging a percentage on the overall project cost, charging a premium on the product cost or a lump sum, we at Vastuki, do so on a per square foot basis. Our design consultancy charges start onwards of Rs 80/sft and vary depending upon the scope of work and area involved.

4. Check the existing body of work done by the designer- It is important to look up the executed body of residential/commercial work done by the interior design/interior fit-out/interior turnkey firm, before you zero in on them. This will help you understand the product finishes and quality of work executed to help with the correct expectation setting as well as ensure that there are no discrepancies, once the interior designers are professionally on-board. You may want to check some of our works here

5. Look up Google Review/Testimonials/Rankings- Thoroughly have the background of the interior contractors checked, including making calls to previous clients to understand their experience. Also, read up Google reviews with them, before you engage in any services/ Do also try and gauge the design prowess of the brand at hand and if the same suits your liking.

6. Understand any hidden charges at hand- Other than the design charges mentioned, the professional designer may charge you an average of Rs 1500/ site visit once execution commences. Additionally, there may be extra charges in case there are more iterations or 3Ds/Renders, than the ones already specified. It is critical for you to understand in which case the number of hours being spent by the designer on the project and adequately compensate them, in case the number exceeds the same. At Vastuki, we refrain from any hidden costs and our design and build estimates include everything- from furniture and products, design and management fee to delivery and installation.