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Introducing 5 ways to uplift your bedroom decor.

Coming home after a long day of work or from a vacation, the only thing that gives peace to your mind is the idea of lying down in your bedroom for a sound sleep. Cozying up in your blanket at night and waking up to the sunshine gaze from the window is everything one fantasizes about when planning a bedroom design. At Vastuki Studios Pvt. Ltd., we are here to bring your dream of the perfect master bedroom come true. 

A bedroom is one of the most intimate areas of the house. The décor of the room should reflect your personality in the perfect blend of calmness, security, and joy. But since comfort and space are two conflicting concepts in today’s world, spatial planning and designs are in high demand. Endowing these commands, we are here with 5 ways in which you can add a little bit of heaven to your bedroom. 


  1. Adding false ceilings.

Your perfect bedroom design may consist of a false ceiling in POP/gypsum/wooden paneling or just simple track lighting as per your choice. A functional ceiling must be a part of the room’s aesthetics while solving the purpose of increased lighting. 

There are plenty of finishes including natural paint, POP, gypsum or paneling finishes with PU, PVC, veneer polish, and acrylic sheets 

Vastuki Studios’ recent residential project at Puri Diplomatic greens, Gurugram for instance has levels in POP ceiling  While the bedrooms have POP false ceiling designs the main entrance foyer has PVC sheets finished with polish.       

  entrance foyer design in wooden finish with veneer polish  

Another project highlighting the best of false ceilings is a residence at the American Embassy with POP paneling finishes in the bedrooms and false ceilings in the wooden polish finish at the foyer.  

modular bedroom design in tiles and wooden wardrobe modular home design with wooden ceiling and tiles modular home design with POP ceilings and designer tiles

2. Wardrobes to gear you up for the day. 

Selecting the right style for your closet is very important. While being practical and utilitarian, it should complement the house furnishings. It can be modular or handmade craftsmanship on site. The most common materials used for wardrobes are solid wood, veneer, mirrored shutter, laminates, acrylic sheets, and PU-painted MDF.

As our project team designed modern wardrobes in high gloss acrylic finish and PU polish at places for our ongoing project at Residence at Mahagun Mezzaria, Noida. On the other hand, customized modular wardrobes were designed and installed at our site, Puri Diplomatic greens, Gurugram, with sliding doors and internal spotlights/profile lights.

wardrobe design in high gloss laminates with quilted TV unit design and wooden finish flooring   front open wardrobes in laminates for bedroom

3. Choose feature wall designs in the bedroom 

While it’s tradition to paint your walls in plain white or beige, adding colors to your walls gives the room character. The best type may be a normal glossy finish, or a high-end textured or matte finish paint.

In our past projects at Ireo victory valley, Gurgaon, the bedrooms have a monochromatic design theme with textured paint walls in bed back designs that give spirit to the room. Although our most recent project site at Residence at Mahagun Mezzaria, Noida, has a half-painted half-textured wallpaper design for the kids’ bedroom, concealed with wooden beadings. 

feature wall designs for bedroom.

feature wall design with textured paint and wallpaper concealed with wooden beading


4. Walking floors.

Putting your feet down first thing in the morning is a surreal yet alarming feeling. For this, you need to have the finest flooring. The various types of materials used are Concrete Flooring, Terrazzo Flooring, Rubber Flooring, Vinyl Floors, Cork tiles, and Carpet Floors.

Floorings has been one of Vastuki’s forté ranging the work from high gloss marble floorings in a residence at Mahagun Mezzaria, Noida, wooden textured tiles for a house at Mahagun Eternia, Noida, to carpet tiles in minimalist home at Tarika Apartments, Gurgaon.

  bedroom design in wooden flooring modular bedroom design in wooden flooring  

modular living room design in carpet tiles

5. Resting the bed backs.

Giving your beds the perfect backrest for your comfort is essential. While wooden bed backs have been in working since ancient times, the more modern styles include custom bed back walls with contrasting décor or paneling. 

Our project at Jaipur estate, Nizamuddin has a plain ceiling with a minimalistic bedroom design with a vinyl sticker on the bed back to glide up the place. Whereas our site at Ireo Victory Valley, Gurgaon, has a top-notch custom-made wall panel bed back design with spotlights for the finish. Lastly, one of our oast projects for a residence a Noida includes a had crafted decor finished with gold paint to complement the room’s palette giving a contemporary royale look. 

minimalistic bedroom design with vinyl stickers in bedback modular bed back design with spotlights and textures walls modular bed back design with custom handcraft

Grant your bedroom the perfect makeover, or brainstorm your imagination for a new one, keep in mind these 5 ways to keep those bedroom interiors at game point. 

If you’re looking for more interior designs or architecture ideas for any residential or commercial spaces, reach out to us at Vastuki Studios Pvt. Ltd. today, and we’ll make it our priority to woo you!


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