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Spurring the Professional Space Aura

Business verticals at Everest Industries Ltd. are color-blocked with traditional Gondh hand-painted artwork on fiber cement boards.

Professional Space Aura


A company’s vision focuses on the potential inherent in the company’s future, but its work ambience defines its spirits. Individually, one always brings their own identity and talent to the team as an employee. 

With a diverse workforce, work environments must offer a variety of different spaces to cater to the unique requirements of its employee pool. With dynamic and critical economies around the globe, workspace trends tailored to users, the space being utilized and occupied, functionality and aesthetics come and go and at Vastuki, we have our eyes and ears open to evolving trends. 

Having accomplished design and build solutions for corporate honchos like the iconic Everest Industries and garment and export manufacturers SVM in Noida, we at Vastuki Studios Pvt. Ltd. are mindfully crafting solutions to cater to your requirements and budgets while celebrating local context, materials, and offering you the ultimate spatial experience. 

For the Head Office of Everest Industries Ltd., for instance, one of the prime design problems that we addressed was the lack of – congregational space for employees and staff, to gather and interact. To achieve it, we created a large oasis with seating pods and artificial grass to define an informal spill-out area on the second floor, where employees could gather. A hand-crafted gondh river that runs across the space, further ties it together, conveying the journey of the company and its key milestones.

At SVM, the head office for the garment manufacturers and export house we did; a playful cell ceiling design, bright mustard feature cum aisle wall, suspended ceiling designs in the cafeteria, as well as open workstations, the feeling of inclusion as also demarcating space. Color, spatial planning, design vocabulary as well as material technology- each have a lot to further design the language in this office.


Laser-printed fiber cement boards that carry the river design, are also color-blocked, to define different business verticals and carry the story further along with colorful vinyl patterns.

Establishing and visualizing movements and modes in a workplace is a necessity for efficient management. This involves learning and recognizing the members of your team, and filling up the workstations to their preference is our way of knowing them better. Giving them a spatial environment to work in their element assists us to understand the employees better and be more efficient. 

Meanwhile, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the global economy in 2020, companies adopted the “Work From Home’ culture.  While remote work was just an adjustment for many employees, after forming and adjusting to newer habits and routines, people began to embrace the flexibility and freedom that comes with working from home. This has steadily but certainly made space for minimal “home-office” designs. A well-designed office cum study is part of every home that we do. In the case of homes that may not have the space to house a study separately, we have converted unused corners into beautiful and sturdy study/office spaces. Further, they are designed to offer privacy, comfort, and familiarity for those long hours at work. Features like concept walls, well-lit ceilings, plenty of storage/display, and provision of ambient lighting all help further the concept of a home office design.

Adopting some of the tips and tricks we’ve used in our corporate office and now more recently home office designs, we’re leaving you with some tips to get it right-

  1.  No clustering is allowed. 

Create racks and enough storage to ensure there’s no clutter. You can go with modular or on-site designs for studies, to create one that’s best suited for you. Explore and choose from a wide range of finishes including Polished Veneer/Duco/Laminates etc in Matt and gloss and across colors, to achieve a unique design. Your workstation must have ample space to allow your creative mind to work with its horses charged. 

2.  Personalize to emphasize. 

Decorating your workstation, whether your home office or your office workstation, always adds a hint of personal touch to your professional ethic. Add personal picture frames as well as stationery items along with stickers and post-its. 

3. Usher some greenery. 

It’s never too much or too little to add some green garnish to your work dish. Accessorizing your workplace with small planters is always a stimulating aesthetic.

4. The Golden Picture rule. 

The most interactive and creative ice-breaking method is by putting up some pictures of family and friends on your work desk. It gives you a pleasant feel while being open to conversations with your peers. 

5. To-do, or Not To-do.

Putting up your weekly tasks upfront helps you remember your short-term and long-term goals, and adding color to your work, at home or in the office, never goes out of style. 

With design ingenuity at heart, at Vastuki, we experiment and innovate with locally available and sustainable materials that have a low carbon footprint and a new-age execution process to deliver budget projects on time. 

Design your office or home office with us today or reach out for a free design and the build quote, today!


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